Born to be unforgettable

“I wanted to create a new freshness, spicy and masculine".

Kilian Hennessy


Born to be Unforgettable, an explosion of cola freshness recreating the experience of a sparkling cola sip.


This brand-new perfume opens with a kick of fresh lime leading into a signature blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Vanilla, crafting the cola sensation to finally lead into round and full-bodied Cedarwood notes of long-lasting impact.

Dare to discover this fresh fragrance featuring a cool and confident attitude, impossible to forget!


Born to be Unforgettable Born to be Unforgettable
50ml Refillable Perfume
Born to be Unforgettable
Refill 100ml
Born to be Unforgettable Born to be Unforgettable
10ml Perfume Spray

Kilian Bar

Discover the cocktail recipe inspired by the perfume notes of Born to be Unforgettable.