Objects of Desire

Heirloom-quality objects

Kilian Hennessy’s fragrances were to convey rich heritage and storytelling, and so were the heirloom-quality objects that protect them.

Art Deco carafes hold KILIAN PARIS scents as the perfect bar centerpiece, invoking the brand’s penchant for the finer pleasures of evening, recalling Cognac tasting rituals from Founder Kilian Hennessy’s family heritage.

Engraved travel sprays, accessories with a nearly talismanic tactile charm, are endlessly refillable. Glass vials can be quickly slipped inside and switched up to have one’s scent meet the mood, season or travel destination.Elegantly crafted and essential lacquered clutches and coffrets make for eye-catching, boldly scented objets d’art.

Each KILIAN PARIS fragrance comes with its own partner-in-crime accessory to uplift the tactile and visual experience of the perfume, and to express Kilian Hennessy’s fundamental belief that our signature scent is our protective armor against the outside world.

Through these creations, perfume lives long and well with us into our lives and adventures, sometimes even staying for generations. For every scent, a killer accessory to match.